Manipulating reality with Galdrastafir’:

I have been working a lot on galdrastafirs lately (stavsigils), combining my knowledge on subliminal imagery to bypass the conscious awareness threshold, with my own esoteric practices and seiðr.

It’s been interesting work, and quite an eyeopener, to some new possibilities when manipulating reality. As some might already know, I work as a graphic designer specialized in subliminal visuals and manipulation – so I also found this research extremely useful, even at work.

This is “Einingu Aðstoð” – It’s designed to help create and strengthen momentum, mutual understanding, teamwork and unity in a clan or group:

And this is “Karlmennsku” – I’s designed to enhance someones masculinity:

After posting them on social media, a few people started asking me about how the sigils where made. At first I didn’t really want to explain it. Partly because I believe that some sigils have to stand on their own, but also since I don’t really want to openly share everything about how I work. But with “Karlmennsku” I felt it was was a pretty basic design, and that someone perhaps would fine a description useful – So here we go:

The composition in “Karlmennsku”, is based on several concepts:

The even spokes is initially based on runes, written to formulate the strength of the Karl.
The actual formulation was made in Jutish, first by constructing the formulation, and then later verifying it in a solo höfdeseiðr.

While trying to figure out how to formulate the stuff; i considered using slightly modified versions of some Norse proverbs:

Among the considered where this one:

Jut: “Å’æ kæft’ kender man æ kjøter, men æ’ mand å’æ mowl”
Dan: “På kæften kender man en køter, men en mand på hans mål”
Eng: “Know a mutt by it’s jab, but a man by his goals”)

But I ended up using this one:

Jut: “Æ karl or’æ karl, å æ uer or’æ uer”
Dan: “En karl er en karl, og et ord er et ord”
Eng: “A man is a man, and a word is a word”

The proverb was then sigilized, using A.O. Spare’s well proven technique. This was done in conjunction with my knowledge of bindrunes, while trying to keep the subliminal imagery very much in mind. The result should obviously (and subconsciously) project masculinity.

The odd spokes are made from a Mannaz lønrune’s with itself as key. This was made to enforce the intent of the even spokes.

Once I was done with the design, I went back and did a short höfdeseiðr to verify the sigil, before trying it out on myself.

Please feel free to use both the sigils, or the technique, if you find it useful.

Personally, working with these things in a concentrated manner, has really made a big difference. And once I started doing my own sigils, the rabbit-hole only got deeper, and well worth exploring.