“Møðiríkr” – a stavsigil with for strengthening maternal vigor, clarity and femininity.
“Bættmøðiríkr” – for strengthening maternal vigor, clarity and self awareness.

The Møðiríkr stavsigil is designed with maternal thought in mind, and therefore will most likely only work on women. The sigil itself, can be used as a talisman, edged into a white seashell – or any bone or wood of your choosing – and then worn, to tap into it’s power.

A secondary use of the sigil, would be for the mother to edge it into, or paint it on the belongings of her child. This will give the child strength from it’s mother, when needed, even without her being together with the child. It could for example be painted onto a piece of clothing, on edged into a toy, a baby carriage, a backpack or as a simple talisman.

The “Bættmøðiríkr”, is a revised version of the sigil, made for women, who don’t feel the need for strengthening their femininity any further. Otherwise, the sigil is used in the same manner.