“Stafur egen heimskingjar” –
Staves against fools. The staves can be used separately or in conjunction two and two, or all three all at once.

For best results, edge the staves into oak sticks in an appropriate thickness and length (about 30-cm long). Then insert the sticks into the soil, on the top of a furrow, with a 15° -20° angle, so the sticks is pointing north. This should preferably be done on a Thursday with a considerable strong northern wind. As you put the oak sticks into the ground, you should shout the name or names of the fools out loud, to get the best desired effect. As soon as the wind changes again, the effect of the trolddom should start working.

Alternatively, for a slightly less powerful but quicker effect; again, edge the staves into oak sticks, and then throw them in the north wind. This is done preferably on a large open area, for example. a stubble field, by a lake or on a beach, where you can leave the sticks where they fall. This is done while screaming the name of the fool or fools, out loud into the northern wind, while throwing the sticks into the air. As with the first method, it is best on a Thursday where there is a reasonable strong northern wind.

The individual staves:

First stave focuses on a group of fools, for example. collection of people in a coven, that can not come to terms because of misconceptions and foolishness.

The second rod ensures that a fool obviously will contradict him or herself, it can be useful in an open debate, or a place where one wants other people to see clearly, just how much of a fool the person is.

The last rod ensures that a fool will not be able to get more people to follow their ideas and foolishness.