“Genforelskelsesstav” – To regain the affection from your spouse. Expose your partner to the staves, and ensure they observe the design. (Perhaps by using it as a wallpaper on a phone, or a PC that he or she uses, or draw it with chalk on a wall or a door he or she often passes etc.) In the following days after exposure, make sure that your partner is take well care of – while keeping him or her exposed to the sigil, at least once for each day you want it to work for you. Remember that you will need to do more than sit with your legs up, waiting for the affection to come. Do obvious things, without being a nusense: offer to help your spouse with things, show sincere interest in him or her, and do whatever you can to share a joyful together each day.
Perhaps end the use of the sigil, by presenting a gift of the heart, and redeclaring you love for the person – the sigil will help to strengthen your intentions, and help you to keep a calm head, even if you are presented with opposition by you spouse.