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Seiðr, Troldom and other magick workings


Seidr Posted on 07 Oct, 2015 09:55:55

“Genforelskelsesstav” – To regain the affection from your spouse. Expose your partner to the staves, and ensure they observe the design. (Perhaps by using it as a wallpaper on a phone, or a PC that he or she uses, or draw it with chalk on a wall or a door he or she often passes etc.) In the following days after exposure, make sure that your partner is take well care of – while keeping him or her exposed to the sigil, at least once for each day you want it to work for you. Remember that you will need to do more than sit with your legs up, waiting for the affection to come. Do obvious things, without being a nusense: offer to help your spouse with things, show sincere interest in him or her, and do whatever you can to share a joyful together each day.
Perhaps end the use of the sigil, by presenting a gift of the heart, and redeclaring you love for the person – the sigil will help to strengthen your intentions, and help you to keep a calm head, even if you are presented with opposition by you spouse.


Seidr Posted on 06 Oct, 2015 08:35:29

Thjófastafur – If you want someone to steal, grate as this character underneath the (wooden) plate that they eat from.

(Galdjastafir no. 21, page 57 from the Huld manuscript)


Seidr Posted on 05 Oct, 2015 14:36:54

A galdrastafir to force a person to tell the truth. Edge the sigil into a piece of bone, and edge the name of the person you want to speak the truth, on the other side of the bone. Then place the bone inside a bag made from black fabric, and carry it with you. Whenever you are talking to the person, that you want to tell the truth, secretly remove the bone from the bag, and hold it in your hand, while talking to the person. If you ask the person anything, he or she is prone to tell the truth – if not verbally, then with obvious body language. But you need to be aware, if the person might have a counter-talisman, or a particular strong will – spotting the lie will be harder, yet still easier than without the Lygistafir.


Seidr Posted on 01 Oct, 2015 09:08:50

“Glugstafir” is used to spå into the future. Edge or draw the stavsigil on a glugsten (adderstone) that is not made of flint, and hang it from an old oak tree. From here you will be able to use the stone to scry into the future, by looking through the hole without touching the stone. The stone works best early in the Glugmonth (January), but can be used all year round. A ritual preparation is clearly recommended for the best results, but it’s not a requirement. Depending on which direction the glugstone is located, you will be able to survey various aspects by spåing the future. To the north you will be able to see your enemies and other oppositions, in the east you will be able to see new beginnings and love, and finally in the south, you will be able to see your health in the coming year. Avoid using the glugstone in west, since this does not produce results unless you know what to look for.

— Da:
“Glugstafir” bruges til at spå fremtiden. Rist stavsigilet på en glugsten (hulsten), der ikke er lavet af flint, og hæng stenen fra et gammelt egetræ. Herfra kan du bruge stenen til at skue fremtiden, ved at se igennem hullet uden at røre ved stenen. Stenen fungerer bedst i starten af Glugmåneden (Januar), men kan bruges hele året rundt. En rituel forberedelse er klart at anbefale, hvis man vil have optimale resultater, men det er ikke et krav. Alt efter i hvilken retning glugstenen er placeret, vil du kunne skue forskellige aspekter i fremtiden med denne spåteknik. I nord vil du kunne se dine fjender og din modstand, i øst vil du se nye begyndelser og kærligheden, og endelig i syd vil du kunne se dit helbred i det kommende år. Du bør undgå at bruge glugstenen i vest, da dette ikke giver resultater med mindre du ved hvad du skal kigge efter.


Seidr Posted on 30 Sep, 2015 08:48:00

Hurðstoðva – Doorstopper. A galdrastafir to hinder someone from entering your house. If there’s a person you do not want to enter your home, edge this stafir into a rowan-wand. Do this as the sun is on her highest, and proceed to walk sunward around your house tree times, followed by tree times withershins, while holding the wand in which you are laying the spell. To prime the spell, bind the wand in thistle leaves, and place it above your door.

Stafur egen heimskingjar

Seidr Posted on 29 Sep, 2015 08:53:11

“Stafur egen heimskingjar” –
Staves against fools. The staves can be used separately or in conjunction two and two, or all three all at once.

For best results, edge the staves into oak sticks in an appropriate thickness and length (about 30-cm long). Then insert the sticks into the soil, on the top of a furrow, with a 15° -20° angle, so the sticks is pointing north. This should preferably be done on a Thursday with a considerable strong northern wind. As you put the oak sticks into the ground, you should shout the name or names of the fools out loud, to get the best desired effect. As soon as the wind changes again, the effect of the trolddom should start working.

Alternatively, for a slightly less powerful but quicker effect; again, edge the staves into oak sticks, and then throw them in the north wind. This is done preferably on a large open area, for example. a stubble field, by a lake or on a beach, where you can leave the sticks where they fall. This is done while screaming the name of the fool or fools, out loud into the northern wind, while throwing the sticks into the air. As with the first method, it is best on a Thursday where there is a reasonable strong northern wind.

The individual staves:

First stave focuses on a group of fools, for example. collection of people in a coven, that can not come to terms because of misconceptions and foolishness.

The second rod ensures that a fool obviously will contradict him or herself, it can be useful in an open debate, or a place where one wants other people to see clearly, just how much of a fool the person is.

The last rod ensures that a fool will not be able to get more people to follow their ideas and foolishness.


Seidr Posted on 28 Sep, 2015 13:25:56

“Møðiríkr” – a stavsigil with for strengthening maternal vigor, clarity and femininity.
“Bættmøðiríkr” – for strengthening maternal vigor, clarity and self awareness.

The Møðiríkr stavsigil is designed with maternal thought in mind, and therefore will most likely only work on women. The sigil itself, can be used as a talisman, edged into a white seashell – or any bone or wood of your choosing – and then worn, to tap into it’s power.

A secondary use of the sigil, would be for the mother to edge it into, or paint it on the belongings of her child. This will give the child strength from it’s mother, when needed, even without her being together with the child. It could for example be painted onto a piece of clothing, on edged into a toy, a baby carriage, a backpack or as a simple talisman.

The “Bættmøðiríkr”, is a revised version of the sigil, made for women, who don’t feel the need for strengthening their femininity any further. Otherwise, the sigil is used in the same manner.


Seidr Posted on 28 Sep, 2015 11:00:32

“Karlmennsku” – A stavsigil to enhance masculine energies.
To use this, draw it upon your skin, or wear it as a talisman – preferably edged into a baculum-bone. The sigil is designed to amplify and enhance masculine energies in a person, regardless of physical gender.

The sigil can also be projected onto another person i several ways. One method would be to have it edged in the bottom of a waterbowl, or onto a talisman placed on the bottom of a bowl, and then filled with clear water. Then continue to wash a piece of other persons clothes, or some other belonging, that the person often wear. For the best result, one should do this in ritual, while singing a fitting varðlokkur, as this will greatly improve the results.

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